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The Mission: Impossible Revival that Never Was - Real Men Take Care of Their Children — LiveJournal

Wed, Mar. 24th, 2010

07:08 pm - The Mission: Impossible Revival that Never Was

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The recent death of actor Peter Graves reminds me of a story line for a revived Mission: Impossible series idea Bob Short told me about many years ago, long before the Australian-filmed Mission: Impossible revival series or the current movie series. I think it's safe to reveal it now.

It is sometime in the late '70s or early '80s. The last convicted Watergate conspirator, never having testified as to his own or anyone else's role in the affair, Jim Phelps, is being released from prison. A crowd of reporters shouts questions as he is hustled from the prison gate to a waiting four-door sedan, where he gets into the back seat without a word and is driven away.

He unlocks the door to the same apartment we saw him meet with his fellow I.M.F. agents in the beginning of every episode. All the furniture pieces are covered with white sheets to protect them from dust -- but to Phelps' incredulous amazement, on top of the white sheet on top of the coffee table, are a cassette tape recorder and a manila 9x12 envelope.

Phelps moves toward the table, reaches down, and presses the "play" key. The same baritone voice we heard in each old episode speaks. "Welcome back, Mr. Phelps. The man you are looking at is --"

And Phelps picks up the player and throws it through the plate glass bay window in anger.

Cut to opening theme.

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