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Real Men Take Care of Their Children — LiveJournal

Mon, Apr. 9th, 2029

08:57 am - Off-LiveJournal Blogroll and News Links

This will be growing by about two or three links per day as I get my bookmark data gradually transcribed here.

Most Recent Edit: Freya's Day, the 10th Day of April, 2015 C.E., 11:43 a.m., C.D.T.

Animation World Magazine; Ariel Gore; "Arts Beat Weblog", the New York Times

Bad Astronomy; Bear's Battlestar Galactica Blog; Big Head Press; Black Gate; Blag Hag; BlastR; Bob Mitchell in the 21st Century; Brendan Calling; Bullshytitis; By Ken Levine

Chaos Manor Musings; Chaos Manor Reviews; Cheryl's Mewsings; Classically Liberal; Comics Ought to Be Fun!; Consumerist; Crooks And Liars; The Crotchety Old Fan; Cult News from Rick Ross

The Daily Dish; The Daily WTF; Dandelion Salad; Darth Mojo; Disloyal Opposition; Drex Files

Eavesdropping with Johnny; Egyptology News; Escape From Terra; Eschaton

The Faculty Lounge; Fafblog; Famous Mark Verheidens of Filmland; Felicia Day; File 770; For What It's Worth

Generation Y; Goodbye, Microsoft; Grits for Breakfast

Have Phaser, Will Travel; Hero Complex; The Hill; Hullabaloo; Human Rights Now

Ideas; iFeminists.net; Instapinch

J. Neil Schulman @ RationalReview.com; Johnny Dollar's Place; JustOneMinute

L. Neil Smith At Random; Lance Mannion; Larry Nemecek's Trekland; Lifeboat Foundation

Mad Rantings of a Midwest Chick; Maddow Blog; Mightygodking; Mises.org Weblog; My Favorite Books

Neil Gaiman; Neptunus Lex; News From Me; Norman Spinrad at Large; Notes from a Final Frontiersman; notmymayor

Okuda Log; The One Ring; Operation Yellow Elephant; Orcinus

Pangloss; Papers, Please!; Peter Watts "Crawl"; PeterDavid.Net; Physorg.com; The Planetary Society blog; Popehat; Pro Libertate

Que Sera Sara

Real Live Preacher

Schneier On Security; Science in My Fiction; SFScope; The Sideshow; Skippy's List; Slacktivist; Something Positive; Soul of Star Trek; The Space Review, Space Solar Power; Spaceflight Now; Spaceflight Now News; Spider Robinson; Starship Dimensions; Startrekdom; Sunni and the Conspirators; Susie Bright's Journal; Swingers' Chatter

Tailspin's Tales; This Modern World; Thomas Jefferson Center; Threat Level; Tom Wilson USA...Large Man, Good Blog; Toonopedia; Topless Robot; Trek Movie Report; Trek Today

Uncle Jay Explains the News; An Unfortunate Set of Events; Universe Today

View from Above; Views from the Cyberhenge

Waiter Rant; We'll Know When We Get There; Wendy McElroy.com; The Wild Hunt; Witchvox.com; WWdN: in Exile

Zoe Paleologa

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Thu, Sep. 8th, 2016

06:06 pm - Being the 50th Anniversary of the Premier of STAR TREK...

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the premier of Star Trek on NBC-TV, the start of what will be an eventual planet-wide holiday, Thursday, September 8th, 1966.

On the 15th Anniversary, also a Thursday, I called Gene Roddenberry on the telephone to congratulate him. He said he was surprised that I cared enough to call him, as nobody else he had spoken with that day remembered what day it was except me. He was pleased that it meant so much to me, he said, and gratified at my call.

At the LASFS meeting that night, I mentioned it on the contents page of APA-L -- everyone I spoke with about it that night was surprised it had been that long, and glad that I had noted it.

I was very fannishly active, and it was important to me.

On the 35th Anniversary I found a handsome ST e-card with a good picture of Leonard Nimoy as Spock, and sent it too all my friends for whom I had e-mail addresses who I thought would care. Again, lots of grateful replies from friends that I had reminded them.

I've noted plenty of other anniversaries in other years, too, many of them here on LiveJournal.

So today is the 50th Anniversary, and I find I feel sad. I'm not going to any meetings or conventions, not fannishly involved beyond electronic correspondence because of family health issues, although I remain grateful to everyone ever involved with the shows because I met nilajean, my beloved wife, at a Star Trek club meeting in 1987 only a couple of months before the premier of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Regardless, this is a day to shine around the planet in marvel at how different our world is for the better because of the little television program that could, and did, wind up moving mountains.

Many of you here, and a whole bunch off of LiveJournal, I know because of Star Trek. My whole world would be much more lonely and directionless without it. I would never have known about most of the other sub-cultures which fascinate me so, were it not for Star Trek and the first steps it gave me into a larger world.

"A future of optimism, hope, excitement, and challenge. A future which proudly proclaims man's ability to survive in peace and reach for the stars as his reward." -- Steven E. Whitfield / Stephen Poe, at the end of his book, The Making of STAR TREK

Those worlds still stir me, still tingle my spine, still hold a promise for a future we all await with enthusiasm and joy.

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Tue, Mar. 15th, 2016

05:48 pm - The Man in the Hat will Return Again!

Good fun, as long as it isn't as grim as Temple of Doom, or has a story and dialog as problematic as Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Fans who object to continuing the series given Harrison Ford's calendar age forget that he is in marvelous shape for a man in his '70s, heals from injury much more quickly than the average person, and that an eyepatched, eyeglassed Indy was shown in his '90s (portrayed by the late George Hall) in the framing sequences of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


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05:10 pm - A Seasonal Thought

"They long for an Eden, where Spring comes." -- Spock, describing Dr. Severin's group, "The Way to Eden", original Star Trek

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Tue, Dec. 9th, 2014

03:20 pm - Terri Luanna Mountainborne Robinson da Silva, 1974-2004

Terri Luanna Mountainborne Robinson da Silva, daughter of Spider and the late Jeanne Robinson, is now in The Undiscovered Country, occurring Friday, December 5th, 2014, at the age of 40 years, due to Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (which she described as "the most common form of breast cancer"). Waiting for their time to greet her again are her father Spider Robinson, her husband Heron da Silva, her daughter Marissa ("Miss M"), and a huge extended family of relatives and intimate friends, as well as many, many more distant friends around the world.

The announcement came from Laurie O'Neal ("Auntie L") on Terri's WordPress weblog about her life with cancer, "gracefulwomanwarrior" [ http :// gracefulwomanwarrior . com ], and on her Facebook page [ https :// www. facebook . com / pages / Gracefulwomanwarrior / 247095598695612 ] (remove spaces to access the links, of course).

With the name Luanna Mountainborne, she was depicted as dancing on Luna in 1/6 gravity in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert A. Heinlein.

A crowdfunding request for her medical expenses is at [ https :// www . youcaring . com / medical - fundraiser / terri - s - stage - 4 - cancer - fight / 269274 ]

A crowdfunding request for her memorial is at [ http :// www . gofundme . com / icqknk ]

(Again, remove spaces to access the links.)

This information comes from openly accessible web pages and public announcements, no confidences are being violated.

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Sun, Apr. 13th, 2014

01:43 am - Please Help Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart has Myeloma -- bone cancer -- and her spine and later her pelvis fractured from the weakness; another tumor is in one of her femurs. She has had breast reduction surgery to reduce backbone stress, but she also has had trouble with kidney failure and pneumonia. A pre-wake is planned (so that she can see friends she hasn't been able to see for a long time) from which I infer that after several years of treatment, her prognosis is fatal. She is in hospital right now, but her and Oberon's 40th Wedding Anniversary is soon, and they'd like to be together for it. Medical expenses remain high.

If you know her or know of her through her many activities (the Neo-Pagan religious movement, science fiction fandom, the Society for Creative Anachronism, various Renaissance Faires, the breeding and raising of actual Unicorns, and more), and your life has been positively affected by her, please help.

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Mon, Mar. 17th, 2014

09:40 am - On Mr. Fred Phelps Entering a Hospice:

The morning news says Fred Phelps, famed for his family hate-church in Topeka, Kansas has entered a hospice. Here's my offhand prediction for what will happen after his death:

Just as the Worldwide Church of God (the people who used to send you those free subscriptions to The Plain Truth) and its Ambassador College in Pasadena, California fell apart after the death of its founder and theology dictator, Herbert W. Armstrong, so will the Phelps church do the same -- without him there to browbeat (or just plain beat) the other family members, eventually the fence will come down from around the group of houses.

Some of the family members will wander away into normal lives.

Some will reunite with other family members who escaped and are now shunned.

Some will join another American minority religion -- Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Mormon, Pagan, whatever -- or become atheist, to distance themselves in angry reaction to how they were raised.

Some will join more conventional Protestant churches.

Some will have PTSD.

Some will seek therapy.

Some will self-medicate with a bottle, pill jar, or needle until they crash and burn.

A couple of them will have ghost-written tell-all books to promote.

Some will be approached by "reality" shows; some of those will accept, to extend their proverbial "fifteen minutes of fame."

Some will come out of the closet.

Probably the History Channel will make a biography of Fred Phelps heavy on re-created scenes with unknown actors who will only resemble who they're portraying in a dim room at night, interviews with a couple of family members edited to fit the slant the producer wants, and twelve minutes of actual information repeated sufficiently to fill 42 minutes of program time.

And probably some other pseudo-Christians, some relatives of dead military, and some gay and lesbian people will collectively imagine Mr. Phelps' head photoshopped onto Jeffrey Hunter's body in the scene from "The Cage"/"The Menagerie" of Enterprise Captain Pike under an illusion taken "from a fable [he] learned in childhood" (i.e., burning in Hell).

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Wed, Jan. 8th, 2014

02:13 pm - Vortex?

If we're under a Polar Vortex, what I want to know is, why haven't we seen the TARDIS?

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Thu, Dec. 26th, 2013

04:50 am - Doctor Who?

I know who I am, would-be Daleks. And I know you.

I am David Kevin Michael Klaus.

You'll lose. You will never win!

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Thu, Nov. 28th, 2013

09:37 am - As You Celebrate, Remember:

There has been a lot of hooraw and foofoorah about big box stores opening on today, Thanksgiving Day.

And rightly so -- I don't think it fair to the employees to be denied their holidays, either. If nobody was willing to shop on the holidays, the stores wouldn't be open, as they require a minimum amount of sales per hour to justify it. I know this because in the late '70s I worked at a Peaches Records, and we had to move $900 of product out the door every hour -- on nights when we weren't, the store closed early.

But as you celebrate your holiday, remember that other people, doing essential jobs, are working today: hospitality employees -- both hotel and restaurant -- firefighters and paramedics; bus drivers and transit conductors; ward resident and emergency physicians, nurses, hospital food service, laundry, sanitation, and miscellaneous support people (I was one and worked Christmas Day and Easter Sunday because I was needed), pharmacists (my late father opened his pharmacy a half-day every Sunday and holiday, so those who had gotten prescriptions the day before could get them filled); police officers (the good ones, we hope), electric power plant workers, water treatment workers, telephone support people for all kinds of industries, not just computers and consumer electronics, regular landline operators; pilots, flight attendants and counter people, air traffic controllers; radio and television station engineers; and oh, so many others, all so that we who are non-essential can enjoy our holiday.

So thank, too, the people you meet along your way who are at work -- hardly anyone ever does -- so you can celebrate at ease. They're doing it for you.

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Thu, Oct. 10th, 2013

05:56 am - What Actually Happened to Phil Coulson

I first read about Colonel Nick Fury, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, in Strange Tales #135 just before my tenth birthday in 1965. I know why the flying De Lorean in Back to the Future is an imitation of Lola, not the other way around, and I know why Agent Phil Coulson in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. thinks he went to Tahiti after the Battle of New York and why he actually did not, and why he lost his muscle memory of how to work the slide of a semi-automatic pistol.

I don't know what showrunner Joss Whedon has told actor Clark Gregg about what happened to his character after he was stabbed through the heart by Loki in The Avengers movie, but I know that in-universe Phil Coulson is going to have a short, violent conversation with Director Fury when he figures it out for himself.

(I wish my deceased friend Richard Rosenberg, who would have filled Quentin Tarantino's Hollywood ecological niche before Tarantino existed if he were still alive. He and I would have had this "Aha!" moment virtually simultaneously, as we did with so many aspects of fannish popular culture.)

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Sat, Sep. 14th, 2013

06:12 pm - Friends Mourn Man Fatally Assaulted in Possible Hate Crime

I may not always say anything, especially if the person wasn't someone I knew personally and could actually say something helpful about, but I mourn every time I see a death notice for one of "us". Fandom is a tribe, an extended family, even if we don't always get along with each other,

I never knew this man, but I mourn for him, a man who did no wrong and did lots of good.


On Tue., 9/10/13, Andrew Porter wrote:

Subject: Friends Mourn Man Fatally Assaulted in Possible Random Hate Crime [NYT]
Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 8:18 PM

This guy was one of "us" -- he just didn't know it.... -- AP


"Friends Mourn Man Fatally Assaulted in Possible Random Hate Crime"
by Michael Schwirtz and Nate Schweber
Published: September 9, 2013

For more than a decade, Jeffrey Babbitt traveled two or three times a week from his home in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, to a comic book store called Forbidden Planet just below Union Square in Manhattan. There, he bought the latest copies of X-Men or Doctor Who, or sometimes just chatted up the employees, who over the years had become good friends.

For Mr. Babbitt, 62, who friends said was a retired train conductor, the store offered an escape into fantasy and a bit of a respite from home, where he cared for his 94-year-old mother, Lucille Babbitt. "He was just a really, really, really sweet guy," said Jeff Ayers, a manager at the store who has known Mr. Babbit for years. "One of our staff just had a baby and he was dying to see pictures."

Mr. Babbitt was walking through Union Square near Forbidden Planet last Wednesday when he was punched in the face seemingly at random by an assailant who, the police said, declared his intention to "punch the first white man I see." After he was hit, Mr. Babbitt fell to the ground, striking his head on the pavement, the police said. The attacker, whom the police identified as Lashawn Marten, then struck two men who came to Mr. Babbitt’s aid, they said. Mr. Babbitt was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where, the police said, he was eventually declared brain dead and died on Monday morning.

In a neighborhood that had long ago moved past its rough-and-tumble days, the seemingly random act of violence at 3 p.m. in a bustling park came as a shock. The police said that Mr. Marten, 40, had a long history of arrests, some for assault and drug offenses in New York City and in Newburgh, N. Y. He was arrested shortly after the attack and charged with three counts of assault. With Mr. Babbitt’s death, those charges will most likely be upgraded by a grand jury that is to hear the case on Tuesday, according to the police.

Mr. Marten, who is black, has also gone by the alias Martin Redrick and listed a different birth date, the police said. He was living in supported housing for formerly homeless people and those with psychiatric disabilities provided by the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, said Shelley Ruchti, the group’s chief communications officer. She declined to describe the reason for his living there. On Monday evening, many residents at Mr. Babbitt’s modest brick apartment building on Ocean Avenue in Sheepshead Bay had something nice to say about him, and could only shake their heads at the senselessness of his death. “He was as good as good can be,” said Audrey Feifer, 75. “This should never have happened, no matter what color this person is.” Ms. Feifer said Mr. Babbitt, who she said moved to the neighborhood from Florida about twenty years ago, used to insist on giving her rides to bus stops or to buy doughnuts. Inside the apartment that Mr. Babbitt shared with his mother, Ms. Feifer said, he kept model steam locomotives, stacks of magazines about trains, and many comic books. He often wore shirts showing pictures of fairies and once drove Ms. Feifer out of state to join him at a Fairy-Con gathering, a festival for people who celebrate fairies. A sister, his only sibling, helped Mr. Babbitt care for their mother, but she died from cancer about two years ago, Ms. Feifer said, and Mr. Babbitt took over all the caretaking responsibilities.

He did not seem to mind, neighbors said. "He'd say, 'Hi, Mom!' so loud everybody could hear it," said Igor Sapozhnikov, 56. "He loved his mother, and his mother loved him very well."

Mr. Babbitt’s mother was at his bedside at least part of the time he was in the hospital, said Mr. Ayers, who visited him there. Many neighbors wonder who will care for her now. Mr. Babbitt’s death came as the police said they were looking for a suspect in another bizarre and possibly racially motivated attack on the M60 bus in Harlem on Friday, Aug. 30. In that unrelated attack, a man hurled a racial epithet at a 31-year-old Queens man, calling him a "cracker," before knocking him to the ground and punching him. The victim, whose name was not released, sustained a broken nose and a fractured eye socket. The suspect, described by the police as a black man in his late 30s, fled on foot and had not been located.

At Forbidden Planet, employees were left bereft by Mr. Babbitt’s death, said Mr. Ayers, who broke into tears several times during a short interview. Mr. Ayers had spoken to Mr. Babbitt the day before the attack when he came to the store looking to pick up a copy of a comic art book called The Art of Grimm Fairy Tales that he had ordered. The order had not yet arrived, and Mr. Babbitt was slightly annoyed, Mr. Ayers said. "He’s been hounding me for weeks and weeks for this book," he said. Mr. Ayers said employees were also concerned about Mr. Babbitt’s mother. He said they planned to set up a fund to help continue her care. "We’re a community here," he said. "These are people whose lives we’re tied to."

Jack Begg and J. David Goodman contributed reporting.

A version of this article appears in print on September 10, 2013, on page A16 of the New York edition with the headline: "Friends Mourn Man Fatally Assaulted in Possible Random Hate Crime".

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Thu, Mar. 14th, 2013

09:28 am

Kevin woke me up. "Dad, Dad, there's a bird in the house!"  I looked up, and there was one flitting around my overhead light fixture.

I said "Calm down.  Get a broom and gently try to chivvy it to a window."  He did and it landed where yugioh_boy could throw a towel over it, take it to the door and release it.  It flew away, undamaged, leaving only one spot of bird poop on the carpet to clean up.

I said, "Knowing that all criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot, my disguise must be able to strike terror into their heart. I must be a creature of the night. I know...I'll be Birdman, Attorney-at-Law!"

yugioh_boy was so gentle and straightforward, without panic, that I suggested he rethink that idea he had about becoming a veterinarian.  Then I started singing "You know the bird bird bird, the bird is the word!"

They almost threw a pillow at me.

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Thu, Mar. 7th, 2013

06:38 pm - Steve Chapman: 'Moderate Muslim' is not an oxymoron | WashingtonExaminer.com

Steve Chapman: 'Moderate Muslim' is not an oxymoron | WashingtonExaminer.com

I've been saying this for years. I live in a neighborhood full of displaced Bosnian Muslims. They bought a failed Savings & Loan stand-alone building and made it a mosque, rehabbing the building and increasing its property value. They've opened businesses to serve their community in which non-Bosnian, non-Muslims are welcome to trade. They adopted the American custom of Hallowe'en and give out candy like any other adults in this neighborhood do.

Number of potentially violent incidents ascribable to Muslims against their Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Pagan neighbors? One, and it was a case of teen-age punks being teen-age punks, with no religious basis whatsoever. No violence actually occurred.

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